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Membership forms of Boys and Girls Club in Brattleboro
Membership forms of Boys and Girls Club in Brattleboro
Ricky Davidson, Interim Executive DirectorRicky Davidson, Interim Executive Director

Ricky has worked at the Club since August of 2004 and in many ways he is a fixture at our Flat Street clubhouse. In 2008 Ricky became the organization's Unit Director, a role that touches on all areas of our programming and outreach. In 2013 Ricky was recognized as Youth Worker of the Year by the Vermont Children and Family Council for Prevention Programs. He supervises a transitional housing unit for Youth Services and is active with Saint Michael's Episcopal Church. Ricky is excited about how the Club has grown and looks forward to continuing to help the young people of our area achieve their dreams.
Ryan Squires, Recreation Staff & Summer Camp Director-Flat StreetRyan Squires, Summer Camp Director & Weekend Recreation Staff-Flat Street Unit

Ryan has served in many roles from Sports & Fitness Coordinator at our Flat Street clubhouse to Program Director of our Bellows Falls Unit. Ryan answers to "Squires" and is known around the Club for his energy, enthusiasm, goofy sense of humor, and natural ability to relate to kids. He can often be found playing games (many he has made up) or telling kids how awesome his hometown of Guilford is. The summer is one of Ryan's favorite times of year. He loves being active and helping kids have the time of their lives in their own back yard.

Rob Dichard, Sports & Fitness Coordinator-Flat StreetRob Dichard, Sports & Fitness Coordinator-Flat Street Unit

Rob joined our Flat Street staff in 2011. He earned a degree in physical education from Plymouth State University and enjoys coaching and getting kids excited about exercise. When he's not at the club, Rob can be found at the Brattleboro Area Middle School where he teaches gym.

Emilee Rogers, Recreation Staff-Flat StreetEmilee Rogers, Recreation Staff-Flat Street

Emilee came to The Club in March of 2015. She studied Psychology and Sociology at UMASS Amherst, and after graduation she spent time working in local elementary schools as well as early childcare settings. Emilee has a wonderful way of getting to know all of our kids and is enjoying how different it is working with pre-teens and teens.

Gabriel Weiss, Recreation Staff-Flat StreetGabriel Weiss, Recreation Staff-Flat Street
Gabe can be found at our busy downtown clubhouse where he has made a place for himself with his calm, amiable attitude. A native of Maine, Gabe is truly a jack of all trades, having worked as a painter, builder, landscaper, pizza chef, and bookseller.
Abigail Lively, Recreation Staff-Flat StreetAbigail Lively, Recreation Staff-Flat Street

Abby Lively came to work at the Club as a per diem when she was a student at the New England Center for Circus Arts. She quickly went from being a part-time to full-time staff member. Now you can find Abby at our Flat Street clubhouse almost every day. Known for her quirky sense of humor and quick wit, Abby is fun to be around and often makes people laugh. When not at the Club Abby spends time practicing the German Wheel at the Circus School, and during the warmer months she leads zip line tours in western Massachusetts.

Maya Carey, Recreation Staff-WestgateMaya Carey, Recreation Staff-Westgate

Originally from California, Maya came to Vermont for college and decided to stay. Joining The Club staff at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, Maya brings with her a wonderful mixture of experience and understanding of kids in need. She has traveled extensively and hopes to share a multi-cultural perspective with our members.

Hailee Galandak-Cochran, Recreation Staff-Bellows FallsHailee Galandak-Cochran, Recreation Staff-Bellows Falls

Hailee is new to Vermont, having moved here with her family in the summer of 2015. She started working with The Club that fall. Having grown up and gone to school outside New England, Hailee is enjoying the small town aspect of our area. After college Hailee spent time on the west coast as an Americorps volunteer, serving both in inner city schools/after school programs and in programs geared toward sustainable agriculture. She is looking forward to getting to know the Bellows Falls community and making a difference in the lives of young people in her community.

Lucas Rawson, Jr. Staff-Flat StreetLucas Rawson, Jr. Staff-Flat Street Unit
Lucas started working at the Club in December 2013. He can often be found on the basketball court. He thinks he wants to study engineering in college and hopes to also play a little basketball when not in class. Many days Lucas can be seen sporting a new baseball hat and when not at work he is often designing new basketball shoes online.

Jordan Baldwin-Page, Junior Staff-Flat StreetJordan Baldwin-Page, Jr. Staff-Flat Street
Jordan has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club since October of 2006. A sophomore at Brattleboro Union High school, she performs in an a capella singing group and has recently discovered a passion for photography. At the Club she is very active in Keystone and currently serves as the group's treasurer. She is also involved in diploma2Degrees and is looking forward to her future.
Tyler Dodge Harrison, Junior Staff-Flat StreetTyler Dodge Harrison, Jr. Staff-Flat Street
Tyler is a junior at Brattleboro Union High School and has been a member of the Club since July of 2010. An avid outdoorsman, Tyler is often out camping, hunting and fishing. At the Club he is involved in Keystone and the diploma2Degrees program. Tyler's good nature and positive attitude make him a natural role model for others.
Josh Hansen, Junior Staff-Flat StreetJosh Hansen, Junior Staff-Flat Street
Josh can often be found on the basketball court where he stands out because of his height and leadership skills. He has been a member of the Club since December of 2008 and is currently a junior at Brattleboro Union High School. Josh is on the BUHS varsity basketball team and is hoping to play ball in college. He also participates on the Club's basketball team and is very involved in Keystone and the diploma2Degrees program.
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