Boys & Girls Club Staff

Ricky Davidson

Executive Director

Ricky has worked at the Club since August of 2004. In many ways, he is a fixture at the Flat Street Clubhouse. In 2008, Ricky became the organization’s Unit Director, a role that touches on all areas of our programming and outreach. In 2013, Ricky was recognized as Youth Work of the Year by the Vermont Children and Family Council for Prevention Programs. In October of 2016, the Board of Directors named Ricky as the 4th executive director of the Club. Ricky is excited about how the Club has grown and looks forward to continuing to help the young people of our area achieve their dreams.

Gabriel Weiss

Unit Director, Flat Street

Gabe came to the Club in 2014 and has made a place for himself at the Flat Street location. He enjoys meeting new people, listening to their stories, and getting to know them on a more personal level. A native of Maine, Gabe is truly a jack of all trades, having worked as a painter, builder, landscaper, pizza chef, and bookseller. In December of 2016, Gabriel was named as the new Unit Director of our Flat Street Clubhouse. He is looking forward to his new role as the Club.

Ryan Squires

Weekend Recreation Staff

Ryan has served in many roles from Sports & Fitness Coordinator at the Flat Street Clubhouse to Program Director of our Bellows Falls Unit. Ryan answers to “Squires” and is known around the Club for his energy, enthusiasm, goofy sense of humor, and natural ability to relate to kids. He can often be found playing games (many of which he has made up) or telling kids how awesome his hometown of Guilford is. The summer is one of Ryan’s favorite times of year. He loves being active and helping kids have fun in their own backyard.


Jamie Mahon

Administrative Coordinator

Jamie joined the club in the spring of 2017 after a number of years working in hospitality and restaurants.  A native of Western MA, she grew up in Greenfield and went to college at UMASS Amherst. She is looking forward to getting to know our members and is really enjoying getting to know the club and all we do in the community.


Melissa Renaud

Program Coordinator, Westgate

Melissa grew up in a club in Springfield MA and worked in the same club during college. After college she ran a likened after school program for the city of Agawam MA. When she moved to Vermont a few years ago she took a break from working with kids and she quickly realized that her true calling was working with young people and the club has benefitted greatly from her joining us in the spring 2017.


Mack Mackin

Program Staff, Westgate

Mack grew up at the club on Flat Street and was a real fixture of that clubhouse in the early 2000’s. After finishing college this spring Mack knew they wanted to put their energy into helping a community and working with young people. The club at Westgate has given Mack the opportunity to use the skills learned in college and at the club when they were younger to make a difference.

Shantell Rizzitano

Kitchen Coordinator

Shantell has been with Club since October of 2016 and serves as the kitchen coordinator. Shantell has experience working in a variety of culinary environments. She is looking forward to using her culinary skills and expertise to prepare a special variety of unique dishes for the Club.

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Hannah Macon

Kids Club Coordinator

Hannah has been with the Club since 2013. As a member of the community, Hannah maintains close connections to the town and enjoys working with the town’s youth. Hannah has extensive experience working with all variety of ages and understands the individual needs of youth.


Jennifer Bido Mercedes

Flat Street Staff

Jennifer comes to The Club after working for a number of non-profit organizations both in the United States and overseas.  Originally from Puerto Rico her educational pursuits have taken her all over the world. Jennifer began working at The Club and as is her nature quietly began making a name for herself.  She is looking forward to helping our members explore her love for Yoga and using it to help them building their self-esteem.


Jes Wright

Kids Club Staff

Jes started working at the Club September of 2016. A graduate of Brattleboro Union High School, Jes has experience running her own home child care. Jes is excellent at communicating and is excited to bring her skills and knowledge to the Boys and Girls club.


Tom Burrows

Kids Club Staff

Tom began volunteering at in Kids Club in September of 2017. He quickly became a fixture in Kids Club, connecting with all of the kids and especially helping those who could use a positive male role model in their lives. When a staff position in Kids Club opened up in October Tom was an obvious fit for the position. He comes to The Club having studied nutrition and exercise sciences as well as Japanese.  Tom has worked and taught climbing, ropes courses as well as martial arts and he has even competed in the Junior Olympics twice (in fencing).  After studying Ninjutsu (the art of the ninja) for over 10 years, we like to say Tom is our Staff Ninja.

Derrick Harnish

Junior Staff

Derrick started coming to the Boys and Girls Club when he was 10 years old. Derrick saw how much fun his brothers had at the Club and knew this was a place he wanted to spend his time. In June of 2016, Derrick became a junior staff member at the Flat Street Club. Since then, Derrick has been involved in every aspect that the club has to offer. He enjoys how there is always something fun and exciting to do while working here.


Caleb Morris

Flat Street Staff

Caleb was a member of the Flat Street club house when he was younger. He moved away soon after graduation, and has spent most of his professional career in the computer and technology field. Caleb enjoys being able to share his knowledge of computers and music with our members. Caleb can often be found talking to young people about music, gaming and technology.


Danaysa Vargas

Junior Staff

Danaysa has been a member of the Flat Street club house since January of 2010. A natural born leader, she is active in Keystone and is a role model for her peers. When a chance to be a Jr. Staff came up, Danaysa could not think of a better first job. She loves being at the club and helping to make the community a better place.


Jackson Levengood

Junior Staff

Jackson became a Jr. Staff in the spring of 2017, and has been a member of the club since the summer of 2010. Very active in all types of performing arts, Jackson is planning on studying music after graduating in the spring of 2018.


Iain Haukka

Flat Street Staff

Iain started working at the club in the spring of 2017, while he was studying at Marlboro College.  He spent time travelling abroad as well as in this country. A native of California Iain is an avid singer and spends time singing in different groups and participating in competitions all over.

Mitchell Flood

Junior Staff

Mitchell started working at the Club in August of 2016. A local in the area, Mitchell spend many years attending the Boys & Girls Club summer camp. Once old enough, Mitchell started volunteering for the Boys & Girls Club summer camp. Mitchell enjoys the community that is at the Boys & Girls Club.


Nate Kenny

Junior Staff

Nate started coming to the club when he was in elementary school for summer camp. Nate has been asking to be a staff member since he was about 10 years old. He has natural leadership skills and is a role model for kids and staff alike. Nate joined our Jr. Staff team right after he turned 15 in the summer of 2017.