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18 y/o. Bands, DJ’s, Skate Jams & Movies)
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Flat Street Clubhouse
17 Flat Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301


Community Center
55 Westgate Drive, West Brattleboro


The Boys & Girls Club provides a safe place for youth to learn and grow, develop ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals, engage in life-enhancing programs, character development experiences, and create hope and opportunity.

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From our Fall 2016 Newsletter:

My Experience at the Northeast Regional Youth of the Year

by Jordan Baldwin-Page


If you’re someone like me who isn’t necessarily the most outgoing person ever, sitting in a room full of strangers who you are about to compete against, is not your favorite situation to be in. But, I can tell you what’s even worse: having to leave your friends from all around the region after spending four days bonding with them. I can tell you right now that when my name wasn’t called onto the stage to be named the Northeast Regional Youth of the Year, I did not feel sad, nor disappointed, but I felt happy. Happy for my new friend Alexia who won, happy that I was able to meet the amazing people I did, and overjoyed with the experience of a lifetime that I was given.

My journey at regionals started with a train ride to the incredible city of New York, and a night of fun at a bowling alley. All of the Northeast state winners, their advisors, and staff from BGCA spent the first night getting to know each other and having fun before we got down to business. The next three days were full work days. Although they were long, we were able to sit in the ABC offices where they do their broadcasting. We were able to practice our speeches in front of our peers many times, and we also learned some social networking skills as we met staff from British Airways and ate dinner with them. At times it felt like we the state winners were just being thrown into a pool of sharks and we were expected to figure out a way to get out. Now, that sounds like a really negative thing, but, it wasn’t. It was helpful.

We were put into situations without much direction and we had to figure our way along the path to being successful. For example: before we went to British Airways for social networking, I had never been in a social networking situation. So, when I was put in a room full of strangers and was told to talk to them and make a good impression, I was quite nervous and I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. But, of course, after a few minutes of testing the water by talking to a couple different people, I felt comfortable talking to anybody. I found my way through.

My regional Youth of the Year experience impacted my life in ways that I would never be fully able to explain in words. At the end of my long four days in New York City, what was important to me was continuing the friendships I had made and bringing all the knowledge that I was given back home with me to apply in my everyday life. Winning or not winning, everybody who gets the privilege of being part of the Youth of the Year experience gains something great that they will be able to cherish for the rest of their lives and it all started with stepping foot in the Boys & Girls Club.

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